Confinement Nanny Service

Confinement Nanny_1

Mommycare understands the need for a Good and Experienced Confinement Nanny to take care of both new mother and baby so the mother can recuperate from her delivery.

The quality services provided by our nanny include:

  • Provide 24-hour baby care.
  • Do laundry for both baby and the mother.
  • Cook confinement food for the mother.
  • Brew herbal tonics for the mother.
  • Prepare confinement bath for the mother.
  • Do laundry and cook for the father if no maid.
  • Advice on the do’s and don’ts during confinement period.
  • Sweep/mop floor and perform grocery shopping if necessary.

Laundry and cooking for the rest of the family members can be arranged if required.

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