Nanny Training


Mommycare believes that our confinement nannies should always be equipped with the latest baby care knowledge and skills. Therefore our Intensive In-house Confinement Care Training Programme has been designed with the objective of imparting the latest baby care knowledge and skills to our nannies. This will allow us to maintain the high quality and professionalism of our nannies. Our nannies are provided with the necessary training which includes:

  • Latest baby care skills.
  • Good hygiene practices.
  • Baby safety precautions.
  • Breastfeeding knowledge.
  • Confinement diet planning.
  • Management of crying baby.

In addition, our chief trainer, Madam Au is also certified hospital trained – Thomson Medical Centre. She has successfully completed the Infant Care Training Course conducted by Thomson ParentCraft Centre. This course covers the following essential subjects like:

  • Baby care knowledge.
  • Good hygiene standard.
  • Baby safety precautions.
  • Management of crying baby.

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